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Natural Makeup Styles Are Trending

Have you found yourself scrolling through social media lately and wondering, "What ever happened to beautiful and natural makeup looks?" It seems like so much of what we see on Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube (do people still use YouTube? LOL) is just makeup "overload"!! Foundation applied so thick and heavy that the skin itself is completely undetectable. Contour, highlight and color corrector applied like a paint by numbers gone wrong! I mean where are the pores, freckles, and natural flush to the skin? For are not these are the very qualities that make us all in fact human? Don't get me wrong, I am pro> concealing a blemish or undereye circle to enhance and perfect the skin but not at the cost of losing all that makes each of us unique, different and beautiful!

I am a makeup artist who believes in embracing skin and I love to enhance features. Creating beautiful glowing skin, is in fact my specialty. A specialty that has set me apart from many of my colleagues.

So I am here to say that Natural Beauty Makeup belongs back on your social media feed and back on your radar. Why? Because we need to embrace our true selves and stop trying to transform, change and edit out our real beauty. I mean who ever said that our nose needed to be thinner, or our cheekbones needed to be overly defined or our lips should be fuller? And why did we accept these lies as flaws in our own beauty that needed correcting? What legacy and what message will be left for the next generation? Will it be that real beauty is only achievable through alterations and edits of our physical characteristics? Or perhaps the idea that to be beautiful we must completely transform the reflection we see every morning when we first look into the mirror? Perhaps a better message might be that we embraced and celebrated our true selves. That our characteristics make us each unique and worthy, worthy of self-love, worthy of admiration of others who appreciate the confidence we have in ourselves.

And just to be clear, as a makeup artist, I absolutely love the power of makeup! I love seeing my client/talent/model feel like the very best version of themselves. And as a creative I also love to use makeup to tell or even retell a story. This is what makes the job of makeup artistry so fulfilling.

I suppose I am just asking anyone reading this (likely unpopular viewpoint) to stop and give pause. Can we start hitting the "like" button on our social media feed more often when we see an image featuring natural beauty with a focus on skin and natural features? Can we retrain both our mind as well as our social media algorithms that these types of makeup are in fact beautiful and empowering? That to be human is to in fact look human and that embraces our individual physical characteristics.


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