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Wedding Makeup- Trendy vs. Timeless

There are at least a million blogs about bridal makeup. And those blogs contain a million do's and don'ts regarding the perfect bridal makeup. But the truth is there are millions and millions of bride's-to-be, each bride having their own individual style and preference of how their wedding day makeup should look. Or maybe you don't exactly know how you would like your makeup to look on the wedding day but you definitely know how you Do Not want it to look! That's where I come in- The Makeup Artist. The one you are to trust with making you look your most beautiful on the Most important day of your life! And so on our first consult I ask you, "What is your current makeup style? And how do you want your makeup to look on your wedding day?"

Your answer, "I want smoky eyes." Or "I want to be contoured Kim Kardashianesque." Or "I want to wear this electric Violet lipstick, it's my favorite." As your makeup artist our most important job is that you are happy and feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day. However we may guide you in makeup decisions that will last a lifetime in the wedding pictures that will be capturing this very important day. Any makeup look that is considered trendy enough to identify an era, may be something to avoid. Now you are having flashbacks, remembering all the wedding pictures you have examined over the years. Your mother's wedding pictures, your grandmothers wedding pictures, your Auntie Helen's wedding pictures and not to be forgotten your Best friends sister's wedding pictures. "Why did she wear Blue eyeshadow?" Oh some of them were definitely dated and some even a bit scary. All because fashion, makeup and hair trend took over the photo. So you determine that you want your pictures to be Timeless. Captured beauty that will last a lifetime, void of any elements that would make the moment laughable in the following years to come.

Finding the right makeup artist to accomplish this seemingly simple task is harder than you may think. And so it is vital that while searching for a wedding makeup artist you look past the beautiful blending displayed in the image. Start analyzing their style and if in fact their makeup work is Trendy or Timeless? Trendy will translate "dated" in just a few short years. They say a picture tells a thousand words. What is the Bridal makeup artist telling you through the pictures displayed on their sites? If you hire them what story will they help you create on your Wedding Day? Will you proudly display your pictures 20 years from now? Or will you sheepishly pull out the wedding album with the disclaimer that "these pictures were taken in 2016 when highlighting and contouring was everything."

Remember makeup trends come and go but Wedding pictures last a lifetime, or at least until you burn them after the divorce!


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