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The Beautiful Blushing Bride

Its finally arrived! The highly anticipated day of your wedding... makeup trial. Bridal makeup is such a broad and subversive subject. My last blog helped brides make the distinction between "Wedding Makeup-Trendy vs. Timeless" And we discussed which is the best makeup style to choose for your beautiful wedding day. And as your make up artist one of my many suggestions for the big day is that we bring to life the old expression "beautiful blushing bride" by using.... (Drumroll) Blush! Blush? Is this blog really about Blush? Yes and it's my blog so whatever. But seriously let's analyze this for like 5 seconds. Why do we wear blush? Or for some of you I might ask why don't you wear blush. I don't mean the traumatizing way your grandmother wore it, super fuchsia and lots of it. And definitely not the 80's fashion where we saw the blush trend known as "the more the better." What does the word "Blush" even mean? I think I like Google's answer best: "To develop a pink tinge in the face from embarrassment." How cute is that? Or how about creating a fresh faced, youthful and rosy hue to the cheeks. Blush can bring a healthy and angelic feel to the makeup. A childlike innocence. A cherubic effect. Are you visualizing this lovely makeup now? If not I've included an example in the above picture. So when you are thinking about Timeless wedding makeup, and you are imagining the most perfect day of your life with the most perfect dress and of course the perfect bridal makeup, I hope you will take my advice and embrace becoming the Beautiful Blushing Bride.


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